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Minerva Grand – Secunderabad
Summit 1st Floor 63 78 7.5 5021 80 300 80 80 300
Quorum 1st Floor 42 61 7.5 2577 50 150 50 50 150
Summit + Quorum 1st Floor 105 78 7.5 7600 150 600 150 150 800
Forum 1st Floor 40 15 10 600 30 40 30 30 60
Business Center 5th Floor 40 15 10 600 25 40 25 25 40
Assembly 7th Floor 40 15 10 600 25 40 25 25 40
Choir 7th Floor 40 15 10 600 25 40 25 25 40
Board Room 7th Floor 40 15 10 600 25 40 25 25 40

So one wants to host a party for a large gathering of family and friends Or one wants to chair a companywide meeting for a large a number of guests. If one has a smaller gathering then one has an option of choosing either the more spacious Summit or the cozy Quorum and the two can be merged into one huge Banquet hall to cater up to 1000 people, also two conference halls Assembly & Choir, where as each conference hall can accommodate upto 60 people, and being a business chic hotel it also have a Exclusive Board room can accommodate upto 60 people.

It is the bigger brother among the two. It has a seating capacity of about 700. The plush décor complemented with the rich and elegant panels made it ideal to host a family function, a business meet, a conference, and any such event. The specially designed lamps add a sense of aura to the entire hall. Special arrangements can be made if one needs to avail the services of the audiovisual equipment or the wide screen projector with a public addressing system. The Summit is so large that even after seating all the guests there’s still plenty of space to serve dinner and do the ballroom waltz.

The Quorum is a cozy banquet hall, which can accommodate around 200 guests and is primarily catered for smaller number of guests. So if one wants to host a small party for just those special people in ones life or one wants a private movie screening for a select few the Quorum is just the place. The ambience is cozy, the infrastructure is already in place, and service is at the drop of a hat. All one needs is an occasion. Minerva Grand understands that even though you are away from your office and on a business trip, one might still need the facilities of an office. Keep this need in mind Minerva Grand has a state of the art Business centre and Boardroom facilities so that one doesn’t stop doing business.

Assembly, Choir & Board Room:

3 conference halls which can accommodate 20 -25 persons each for conferences, make ones’ workshops management seminars, marketing or training event a memorable one with our customized conference facilities. The Banquets support staff can also help with laptop, mobile phone and conference equipment rentals.

Business Centre:

The Business Centre is a central hub for all business travelers who might need to use its spacious meeting room facilities, secretarial services and computer and e-mail access. Business Centre personnel also help with laptop, mobile phone and conference equipment rentals

Projector services can be availed.

Fully equipped work stations with computers, printers and broadband connectivity.
It can accommodate around 20 persons and is ideal for official meetings, small functions and events.