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Blue Fox

01 January, 1970

Minerva Grand at SD Road is one of the very few fine dining restaurants in this locality. True to its name, the ambiance is grand and lives up to it.

I would rate 4.5 out of 5 for ambiance.

Talking about food, we kicked off with Vegetarian Manchuria. While the manchuria is soft, it was spicy too. Kids did have a tough time finishing it. The salsa accompanied with the manchuria is also spicy. Finally we had to dip the manchuria balls in tomato sauce to finish the dish.
Main course included Rotis with Butter Paneer Masala. Rotis were served fresh but the paneer curry seemed to be over burnt. This over burnt taste of the curry was a disappointment.

As we moved on the main course, we preferred to have non spicy Vegetable Fried Rice. Garnished with lot of vegetables and tossed finely, the fried rice is just awesome. Was so yummy that I didnt need anything else to have along with the fried rice.

Overall a decent dinner… Curries could have been better. Service is good.

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